Arts & Business South East Business lunch
Getting ready with talcum powder at Southampton International Airport Gallery. Flybe's General Manager kindly volunteering to play tabla.
Arts & Business South East Business lunch
Talking about the Darabukka and its link with tabla at Southampton International Airport.
Arts & Business South East Business lunch
Flybe's representative giving a talk and formally thanking Iqbal.
Musa Mboob
Iqbal here is performing on stage with Musa Mboob From Gambia.
Boka Halat - Band photo
This photo shows the six-piece band, Boka Halat performing at the Art Gallery in Fareham.
Boka Halat
Iqbal with the band, Boka Halat, playing dholak.
Boka Halat
Iqbal on darabukka with the band, Boka Halat,Rachael Mcloud on the double bass.
One World Band
Iqbal playing tabla while chanting the bols, and Martha Salgado and Charles Spicer show taal clapping.
One World Band - Jem Frier on Didjeridoo
Iqbal accompanying Jem Frier at a school One World Band presentation.
One World Band - School Workshop
Roger Watson leading a school assembly workshop, with Iqbal and Roger demostrating the Indian tabla bols and clapping system.
One-to-one workshop demo
Iqbal on Egyptian riqq, showing an enthusiatic student the sounds and the playing style.
One World Band
Another One World Band setup with instruments and the musicians representing Chile, Africa and Australia.
Iqbal demostrating a simple rhythm to the school children on a pair of congas.
Boka Halat
Another photo shoot of Boka Halat with only four of the band members showing Musa Mboob on tama, Mauricio Venegas on charango, Roger on melodeon and Iqbal on dholak.
Boka Halat
Photo shoot of musicians on the Tides CD by the Boka Halat band .
Indian taal clapping workshop
Iqbal demonstrating Indian taal clapping to junior school children.
Iqbal posing for his photo shoot for the Boka Halat album.
Deep in thought
Three of the band members of Boka Halat listening to a CD, and taking a breather.
Arts & Business South East -Business lunch
Showing the intricate workmanship on the tabla, and talking about tablas at Southampton International Airport.
Memories of India
Accompanying Ragbir Singh Rahi, one of the pioneers in Indian singing from Kenya.
Jaya Dheer
Iqbal on tabla, with Roger Watson on the melodeon and Jaya Dheer demonstrating Indian dance at a school.
Iqbal at Queen Elizabeth Hall ,Southbank,London
Iqbal with Bokahalat at the Queen Elizabeth Hall,Southbank.
Iqbal and Paul Midgley at Berkshire Youthcentre
Iqbal and Paul conducting a Darabouka workshop
Iqbal with Bansari Group
Iqbal with the London based fanmous Gujarati group at a wedding.
Iqbal and Paul Midgley at Berkshire Youthcentre
Iqbal and Paul demonstarting how Indian Bangra Rhythm and Egyptian rhythm work together.
Iqbal and Shantilal Sachania
Iqbal accompanying Shantilal on sitar at a wedding in London's famous Grosvenor House Hotel.
Iqbal and Belley Dancers
Iqbal accompaning the fabulous belley dancers,Rebekah and Kajira, on his Darabouka at an Egyptian wedding
Iqbal at Dauntsey's School
Iqbal with Anil Bhagwat and Davinder Singh at an Indian Classical Music Workshop at the Dauntsey's School.
Musa Mboob and Iqbal
Iqbal and Master Drummer from Gambia Musa Mboob at a Festival of Drumming in Fareham,Hampshire
Iqbal and Francis Silkstone
Iqbal and Francis Silkstone at a Indian Wedding Reception
Iqbal with Ajmal Mughal
Iqbal accompanying Ajmal at a live radio broadcast on radio
Live performance at Venus TV
Iqbal and Rahi at Photo sessation with the presenter at Venus TV
Live performance at Venus TV (2)
Talking to a caller on the air at a live TV show on Venus TV
Ragbhir Singh Rahi and Iqbal with Kathak dancers Kamalita and Crishna at A function in Isle of White
Mehboob Nadeem,Pooja Angra,Iqbal
Mehboob Nadeem and Pooja Angra with Iqbal at a college in Winchester
Sudeep Benarjee and Iqbal
Sudeep Benarjee and Iqbal at a private function in Southampton
Pooja Angra
Iqbal accompanying Pooja at a charity concert held at The Parish Axminister