Iqbal plays the Tabla, Dholak, Naal and Khol, which are Indian drums, and Darabuka and Riqq, which come from Egypt.

Tabla (or Tabla-Bayan)
The Indian Tabla is an asymmetrical pair of small, tuned, hand-played drums (of the kettle-drum type) of north and central India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; the smaller Tabla drum is made of wood, the larger Bayan of metal.

Dholak (or Dholki)
The Dholak is a double ended drum traditionally used in weddings across the Indian subcontinent.

The Naal is a double ended drum that sounds like a cross between the Dholak and the Tabla. The skin has an adjustable metal fastening.

Khol (or Mridang)

The Khol is a double ended folk drum made traditionally out of ceramic. The heads are held in place and tuned by strap tension. It is very popular in the kirtans of Bengal.

Darabuka (or Darabukka)
The Darabuka is held under the player's arm and played by striking with his hands and fingers. Traditionally, these were made with animal or fish skins.

Riqq (or Reque)
Also known as the 'Egyptian Tambourine', this instrument is a small drum with jingles. It is sometimes referred to as a Dafe (or Duf), although these tend to be without the jingles.

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