Iqbal was born in Uganda in 1949, and moved to the UK in 1969. He has always had a passion for playing percussion.

As a young boy, he accompanied his brothers in their musical performances at various venues in Uganda. Their performances were also broadcast on Ugandan Television and Radio.

In the UK, Iqbal has been involved in many styles of music. He studied the Tabla in 1987 under the renowned guru, Gurmit Singh Virdee, an accomplished Tabla teacher.

Within the last few years, he has diversified his skills by learning new styles of percussion. He studied the Darabouka Under Hossam Ramzy, a master in Egyptian Percussion, which opened the door into world music. He was also introduced to western music by Roger Watson.

In January 2002 he visited Calcutta to study the Tabla talas of Rabindranath Tagore's music. Somewhat different from the traditional talas originating in North India, these new styles have afforded him even greater flexibility in his playing.

In 2009 Iqbal was introduced to Flamenco music by the young, upcoming and dynamic Flamenco guitarist Jero Férec. Since this time Iqbal has built upon his interest in Flamenco music and has performed at numerous venues.

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